I read some Marx, and I liked it


I thought I just wan­ted to pass;
Good gra­des were all I cared for.
My col­le­ge made me take the class
More stuff for me to igno­re!
But then I found out that
His theo­ries weren‘t so bad:
Labor and class com­bat,
What a very cle­ver man!

I read some Marx, and I liked it;
The fri­end of the pro­le­ta­ri­at.
I read some Marx, just to try it;
Hope Adam Smith don‘t mind it!
It felt so wrong,
It felt so right;
Men of the wor­king class, unite!
I read some Marx, and I liked it;
I liked it!

There is a spect­re han­ging o‘er
The face of Eu­ro­pe!
‚Tis com­mu­nism, and it’s more
Than just a so­ci­al hic­cup.
A time will come soon when
The mas­ses rise as one
To carve out their place in
The brand new poe­try to come!


Marx is the man, he’s wor­king for you;
The bour­geoi­sie, they just ain‘t your crew.
Ali­e­na­ti­on of labor is bad,
Com­mo­di­fi­ca­ti­on is not a good fad.
The ca­pi­ta­lists are gree­dy you see;
A shor­ter work­day, now that’s what we need!
I‘m rea­ding some Marx, and I‘m li­k­ing it;
Rise up now, pro­le­ta­ri­at!


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